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Why make the switch from BMW to Porsche?

Answer - I was looking for a new Physics model, I'd been driving front engine/rear wheel drive for a long time. Here's some more details

Why work in the public sector?

Answer - The opportunity to make an impact on the lives of my neighbors.

Technical debt is only for Software Projects right?

Answer - Not at all - infrastructure is just as susceptible.

How Can technology impact business value?

Answer - Of course - the acquirer has to deal with it. The less to deal with, the better the deal.

If there's one thing we take away from Security Awareness training - what is it?

Answer - Skepticism

Information Security is lots of quick fixes, right?

Answer - Not exactly - it's a long game

Risk is bad, right ?

Answer - Not always, just manage it !!

What are you working on ?

Answer - Some Public Sector thoughts and best practices.

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