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Our Expertise

With a diverse background, MXL successfully offers a range of services to our clients.
Some recent project areas are listed below.
Effective Cloud Strategy



Small Word, Big consequences. Everywhere you look, someone is telling you that "Cloud" is the new Utopia, but is it really ?


There are certainly business requirements that may lend themselves to a "Cloud" approach, but do YOURS ?


MXL can help you identify effective ways to leverage "Cloud" to meet your business requirements. 

Compliant Operations

You are thinking about expanding your business in to an area that will require your operations team to become compliant with one (or more!!) of these standards.




What will it cost? Is it possible to do it ourselves or should we outsource? who's going to audit our systems ?


if your business is growing BUT addressing compliance is holding you back, MXL can get you back on track by leveraging our years of experience building "Compliant" IT Operations systems and teams.

Compliant Product Design

So you have a really cool SaaS or Technology product that solves a huge problem for the US Government or companies requiring PCI / SOX / HIPAA compliance.


Do you know how your product is going to allow YOUR customers to meet THEIR compliance requirements ? If not then you could be making their lives harder and killing sales.


MXL has experience in Federal product evaluation and building Services that allow customers to meet their requirements, let us help you make your product a "no brainer" for YOUR customers!!

New Technology Evaluation

There are always new gadgets, technologies and Cloud Products that promise to "revolutionize, simplify, enable" YOUR business, but will they actually help you at all?


MXL has Evaluated, Tested and Deployed hundreds of Technology products and services and can provide a systematic approach so that you can realize ACTUAL Business benefits from new technology, not just headaches.

Technology Due Diligance

Buying Or Selling a company is hard enough without having to worry about whether technology will work together, or whether the company to be acquired is mired in Technical Debt.


MXL can work with either party in the Due Diligence phase to "de risk" the technology aspects of the purchase, leading to a more successful and valuable merger !! 

Efficient Outsourcing

There are few companies for whom technology and technology operations are part of their competitive advantage. 


It could make sense for you to look at outsourcing, however where to start, what questions do you ask and how can you obtain impartial counsel ?


MXL has over 15 years in Professional Services and Managed Hosting and can bring this experience to bear on your Business Requirements.

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