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Here are some recent project examples, the Company Names have been
changed to protect the innocent !!
Cloud Strategy Evaluation

Recently MXL was contacted by 2 different companies with 2 different sets of business requirements, but the same challenge. They no longer wanted to operate an aspect of their Information Technoloigy Infrastructure.


One Financial Institution no longer wanted to be in the server hosting business, and one Pharmaceutical Company no longer wanted to be in the Telephone Business.


For the Financial Institution MXL worked with them to evaluate Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers and develop an effective Cloud Strategy & Migration Plan.


We evaluated a variety of Unified Communications (UCaaS) providers for the Pharma Company and developed a Cloud based "Telephone" solution that would meet the requirement for multiple national locations and remote employees to share a single system  

Combining DevOps and Managed Hosting

What worked yesturday is not guaranteed to work today... Never is this more true than in IT infrastructure. A large customer of a Managed Hosting Provider that had used a physical server deployment model for their customers, found that this approach could no longer keep up with growth. They wanted to move at a vastly accelerated pace with more control.


MXL worked with them and the hosting provider to develop a "Private Cloud" technical solution built around VMWare and NetApp and the operational procedures necessary for both parties to operate in this "DevOps", Rapid Deployment world.


We have also written a series of Blog Posts on this topic - click here to have a read.

Cyber Security Product Design

MXL worked with a startup that had licensed some interesting Technology from the NSA under the US Governments Tech Transfer program.


The challenge was that this technology was cool, and innovative and would form the nucleus of a product, but it certainly was NOT ready to be sold as was, ESPECIALLY to the US Government.


Leveraging our experience in Common Criteria Evaluation and FEDRAMP Certification, MXL built a product feature spec and development road map that would allow the company to achieve Common Criteria Certification with version 1. In conjunction with the team developing the low level RF code, MXL also built a proof of concept Management Console product using nodejs and MongoDB.

PolyCulture - Combining a love of food and Information Security

Recently MXL has been working on some independant research into the Agricultural concept of PolyCulture vs MonoCulture.


We have developed some practical approaches of the PolyCulture concept that will enhance the Security Posture of organizations that choose to implement them with minimal Operational Impact. You can read more on our blog!!

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